Learn yourslef to prepare well ! Important Preparation Tips for Competitive Exams

Important Preparation Tips for Competitive Exams

Preparation Tips for Competitive Exams: When it comes to competitive exam preparation, we all get one question? In our mind how to prepare for competitive exams, for that preparation we buy tons of competitive exam books, and search lots of sites for online coaching, previous year question papers and most of them seek friends help.

By doing all this practice, will it work out for you on exam day. How many of you can say YES? Hope most of the people still get confused and won’t do well in the exam hall. It won’t be right. Today I’m here to assist you with your planning for your test

Being a Preparation Tips for Competitive Examsfuture government employee, you should work hard. It’s not so easy to achieve something easily. Keeping dedication on subject, and practicing daily basis will keep your mind updated. We will give you some basic tips to concentrate on study.

Preparation Tips for Competitive Exams:

  • First and foremost, make your own timetable for competitive exams. Afterwards, start practicing slowly don’t go fast in starting days. Make sure to complete all the portions before the exam, and after that few still have time practice again.
  •  Most of the people will practice at night times, some others will practice in morning times it depends on their mood. Thus, make sure which time will be favored for you. Agreeing to that go to an empty room, switch off all the lights and read below a desk lamp. So in one day you can read two times.
  • Sleeping:> This is so important in everyone’s life. If you sleep well you can read more and remember more or else you will feel sick and sleep in the exam hall. All your hard work goes right down the drain. So, make sure you sleep 8 hrs a day. I personally prefer to sleep afternoon also as it is good for the heart.
  • People often get stress by seeing the entire syllabus or in the exam hall by seeing question paper, it’s not at all good things. Go in an order think about only what you know, start only what you know. Whenever you become stressed, forget about everything and do just what you can manage to get out of the stress.

In Addition

  • Hmm, looks weird, but diet also a beneficial reason to consider. Most of you get confused, but its fact, as many of the doctors have suggested. Oftentimes when we are studying our brain will work more than all other parts, and its only organism that consumes 70% of water in our body. So taking green vegetables, fruit juice, and some walking may keep your body fit & brain active.
  • While everyone of us like appreciation, but who will appreciate us and why will they value us? If you do some great work, then only others will appreciate. Now why I am saying means, whenever you complete your portion/ chapter or even an exercise lets appreciate yourself. It feels quite awesome.
  • Switch off all the electronic devices, as it will divert your brain. Most of the time we will look into our mobiles while studying by which we will loose concentration.

    Sometimes we sense or discover that we got phone ring/message tones, but the phone will be empty this is called “hallucination”. Do mediation to come out of such upsets.

  • Take some notes which you studied, write down a sheet or piece of paper. Memorize it again while going to bed, eating time or where you got time to read.
  • Be silent in crowded places because we will be always keep talking with someone. So it’s better to be silent to understand the world and your own power.

We hope, every one of you enjoyed this session about Preparation Tips for Competitive Exams. If you hold any suggestions comment us, we value your feedback. You can check more motivational tips here.

A Good jock about Preparation.


Dr. Ambedkar Just used lamp to study.
Kalaam usd candle to study.
Bush studied in streetlight.
Do u knw abt ‘Me’??

Only Agarbatti..!!
(Bhagwan Bharose )


Everybody says
Studying is so easy
just like walking in a
Only STUDENTS know
The park is
Jurassic park with a variety of dinosaurs.

Fly in the plane of Ambition & Land in the Airport of Success…Luck is yours,Wish is mine…May Ur future always shine…Good Luck

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